Our Story

Noon Gun Brewery’s story began in 2015 when we converted a behemoth of a storage facility into a beer-brewing powerhouse. Located in Capricorn Park in Muizenberg, our beer is made alongside the coast, and we are the luckiest salty sea dogs to get to go to work every morning.

Knowing that we had two mammoth prodigies gazing over us, the Noon Gun Garrison spent many hours of darkness and light, brewing, tasting, lifting, measuring (and occasionally taking the forklift for a sneaky spin). As 2017 progressed, our vision started materialising in front of our eyes, and the various flaxen-coloured liquid legacies have been making their way into several taprooms around the Western Cape.

Noon Gun Beer Chart

Allow us to introduce, the chief in charge of our great beer production, our Brew Master, Arno Matthee. After studying and successfully completing an Honours degree in Microbiology from one of South Africa’s leading universities, (i.e. researching all the glorious little creatures that produce that golden sustenance), Arno completed a Diploma in Malting and Brewing Science from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, known as one of the jolliest, nectar-loving nations. 

On the pursuit of the secret to outstanding brews, Arno has tried traditional Umqombothi in Africa, sampled and produced the indigenous pale ales of India, tasted micro-brews laced with interesting ingredients in America and Canada and attended diverse beer house gatherings in Europe, discovering new and ancient brewing techniques, ingredients and tongue-tingling flavours.

With 25 years of joy-saturated beer experience in the global brew scene, Arno has joined us as the master of the fleet – uncompromisingly pursuing quality and consistency with this team. However, surely, he is the luckiest brewer, who secretly looks forward to the 6 am shift, just to see that molten blonde sunrise.