Noon Gun Landing Title

The Noon Guns on Signal Hill – symbols of strength, reliability and endurance. An inspiring legacy to behold and a truly outstanding way to hear that it is finally lunchtime and surprise those unsuspecting visitors!

Since 1806, these two trusty keepers of time (18-pounder smooth bore muzzle loaders), have survived various foreign occupations, stood strong through wars, and have been hauled from the Castle of Good Hope to Signal Hill, phew! However, they refuse to be left in the past with other outdated antiques, currently being fired electronically from the South African Astronomical Observatory. As accurate as the atomic clock that keeps them updated, when you see the first Noon Gun beer being opened, you know the afternoon has arrived.

At Noon Gun Brewery, we have been galvanised into action by these two great survivors, and we all agree, what an appreciable way to lionise their fortitude with a range of easy-drinking beers.

Family powered, and independently guided, we have chosen proficient team members that feel honoured to provide the craft-loving community with quality beverages that present you with unique flavour profiles and something to share with a familiar face or during the excitement of a newly-brewed companionship.


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